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The iQue®3
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COVID-19 Partner Program

Sartorius COVID-19 Partner Program:

Partner with us to accelerate disease understanding and therapeutic development using our advanced cell analysis solutions.

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Virology Assays:

Explore the entire host-pathogen life cycle with advanced cell analysis solutions

Obtain maximum insights from your in-vitro virology studies in minimal time with the Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis and iQue3 advanced flow cytometry platforms, optimized reagents, and purpose-built software.

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The iQue Screener allows us to run high throughput screening assays against primary cell types monitoring drug action in a way that simply wasn't possible.

Steve Rees, Vice President, Discovery Biology, AstraZeneca

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Human NK Cell Mediated Killing Kit

Evaluate NK cell phenotype and function in a single assay

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