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iQue® Poster Presentation Snapshots: Assessment of NK Cell-Mediated Killing and Phenotypic Analysis Using Advanced Flow Cytometry and an Optimized Multiplexed Assay

Natural Killer (NK) cells are an essential component of the innate immune system and play a crucial role in anti-tumor responses. NK cell-related cancer immunotherapies include:

  • Antibody therapeutics to induce NK cell–mediated antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) against tumor cells (mAbs, BiKES, TriKEs)
  • In vitro expansion of autologous or allogenic NK cells, as well as production of cytokine-induced memory-like NK cells for adoptive transfer into patients
  • CAR-NK cells

Typical immunology research workflows to assess NK cell phenotype and function, require multiple assays.

Watch this video narration of a poster, which demonstrates use of the iQue® platform and iQue Forecyt® software, to analyze multiple NK cell function and phenotyping parameters, using a single miniaturized, multiplexed assay. An explanation of the iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit, with the option to add additional validated cytokines when combined with iQue® Human NK Cell Companion kits, is included.

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