Application Note: A Novel Assay to Quantify and Isotype IgG Producing Mouse Hybridomas

This application note describes how researchers at Fred Hutch Cancer Center streamlined their antibody discovery workflow by utilizing the Intellicyt® Mouse IgG Type and Titer Assay Kit to rapidly quantify and isotype IgG producing hybridomas in a multiplexed format, saving valuable time and resources compared to the traditional ELISA process.

Due to its high sensitivity and ability to detect antibodies at low concentration, this Mouse IgG Type and Titer kit is well suited for single B cell-based antibody screening campaigns which normally yield much lower concentrations of IgG.

This novel method enabled researchers at Fred Hutch to:

  • Obtain data on lead candidates for antigen specificity characterization and hybridoma sub-cloning early in the screening process
  • Streamline sequencing pipeline by utilizing isotype-specific primers rather than pooled oligos

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