Successful antibody discovery programs need to rapidly identify and characterize target-reactive candidates. This case study demonstrates how the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform can be used for target cell line generation, mouse sera evaluation and hybridoma library screening.

Target Cell Line Generation

Rapid evaluation of clones transfected with a cell surface target antigen. Selection of healthy clones that express high levels of the target antigen ensure optimal performance in downstream hybridoma screens.

Antibody plates

Increase Productivity

400 engineered cell clones screened for high surface expression of target antigen

5 x 96 well plates run and analyzed in 1 hour.

Powerful multiplexed screening assay

Powerful, Multiplexed Screening Assay

Multiplex cell based assay enables single-step screening for cell lines that have healthy growth and express high levels of surface antigen.

Visualization of Results

Fast and Easy Visualization of Results

Use profile maps to visualize clones that express high levels of target antigen and have grown to high cell numbers.

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Visualization of Screen Results

Results from the screen visualized using ForeCyt…

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iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform Advantages

Screen several plates in a short amount of time.

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Learn how scientists and ModiQuest Research incorporated the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform across different stages of their antibody discovery workflow.

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