Flow cytometry is a powerful technology that is widely used in both clinical and basic research due to its ability to perform multiparametric analysis of cells. However, traditional flow cytometry platforms have slow sampling speeds and require large sample volumes. Increased sampling speed and reduced sample volumes are therefore critical to enable flow cytometry for high throughput screening applications.

This special issue comprises of a collection of research papers, application notes, and technical notes from leading pharmaceutical and academic organizations like AstraZeneca, Takeda, Novartis, Bristol Myers and Squibb, Kite Pharma, Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine and many more that reflect recent advances in this field, provide new insights and perspectives for the design of high throughput flow cytometry platforms and highlight its broad range of applications in drug discovery.

Featured Articles

  1. Automated High-Throughput Flow Cytometry for High-Content Screening in Antibody Development
  2. High-Throughput Flow Cytometric Method for the Simultaneous Measurement of CAR-T Cell Characterization and Cytotoxicity against Solid Tumor Cell Lines
  3. Application of High-Throughput Flow Cytometry in Early Drug Discovery: An AstraZeneca Perspective
  4. Comparing Flow Cytometry QBeads PlexScreen Assays with Other Immunoassays for Determining Multiple Analytes
  5. A Multiplexed Screening Assay to Evaluate Chemotherapy-Induced Myelosuppression Using Healthy Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow
  6. A Miniaturized High-Throughput Multiparameter Flow Cytometry Assays Measuring In Vitro Human Dendritic Cell Maturation and T-Cell Activation in Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions


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