The iQue Screener PLUS has greatly facilitated our work in the development of a personalized immunotherapy for AML and MDS patients.

Alison Tarke, Research Scientist, PersImmune

The iQue® Screener PLUS is transforming immuno-oncology development with its high throughput flow-based analysis and intuitive ForeCyt® Software.

Far more data than chromium release assays

Unlike chromium release assays, which can only report on membrane integrity at the population-level, the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry platform is able to simultaneously acquire single-cell data on multiple biological readouts in a quantitative, high throughput fashion. Taking full advantage of differential fluorescent labeling, the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry platform simultaneously quantifies different cellular parameters—such as membrane integrity, annexin binding, caspase activation—and even multiple cell types—such as PBMCs—all within the same well, quickly generating a rich, highly-informative data set.

Faster than traditional flow cytometry

By sampling only microliters from each well, employing sophisticated automation, and rapidly delivering samples to the detectors, the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry platform converts the low throughput, time consuming traditional flow cytometry approach into a truly high throughput method. Analyze 96-well plates in less than five minutes and 384-well plates in under 20 minutes.

Save money, conserve samples and reagents

Because the iQue Screener PLUS can sample as little as 1 µL from each well, assay volumes can be miniaturized down to 6 µl, saving reagent costs and conserving limited samples. The iQue Screener PLUS HD (Blue-Red configuration) is the only flow-based format that is fully compatible with 1536-well plates. Custom order only. Contact your sales representative for availability.

Delivering a new kind of workflow

Change the way you interact with your data with our powerful yet easy-to-use ForeCyt Software. Purpose built to manage large data sets from microtiter plates, ForeCyt Software includes data analysis and visualization tools that let you work with your data in real time instead of waiting for batch analysis tasks. Immediately see the impact of your actions for better, more efficient insight.

Better understand the complexities of the immune system

With the ability to simultaneously assess parameters from multiple cell types in a single well, the iQue Screener PLUS is ideal for researchers delving into the complexities of the immune system, such as changes in signaling molecules and cell function. For example, measure T-cell activation by proliferation, cytokine secretion and changes in subtype populations (immunophenotyping) in the same analysis, for deeper, more nuanced understanding of the biology.

Transforming the scope and scale of immuno-oncology research and development

  • Gain deeper insights with multiple parameter data acquisition for multiple cell types
  • Expand scope and scale with fast, high throughput flow cytometry capabilities
  • Save on reagent costs and conserve limited samples
  • Streamline workflows with powerful, built-in data analysis and visualization tools

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