Recorded Webinar: A novel immuno-oncology screening platform for multifactorial evaluation of therapeutic candidates

Understanding the complexities of the immune system is critical to providing deeper insights into immune based therapeutic candidates and their functioning.

This recorded webinar features two talks:

  • An overview of how researchers at Horizon Discovery were able to deliver rich datasets for clients to aid compound screening, target validation and mechanism of action studies using the Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS platform. A T-cell mediated tumor lysis assay is used as an example to demonstrate how they evaluate novel therapeutic candidates for immuno-oncology.
  • An insight into how advances to the Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS platform and the analysis and visualization tools in ForeCyt® Software are transforming immuno-oncology research using an example of profiling immune cell donors for T-cell activation.

Key Highlights

  • Evaluation of cell death/proliferation, surface markers for intracellular staining and cytokine secretion in the same well
  • Analysis of multiple plates across the experiment in one view using ForeCyt® Software Panorama feature
  • Small sample volumes
  • Simple no wash assay formats


Simon Scrace, Ph.D.
Manager – Immunology and Assay Services, Horizon Discovery

Joseph Zock
Senior Director of Product Management, Intellicyt, A Sartorius Brand


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