The iQue is a transformative instrument that has enabled us to conduct cell-based high-throughput screens that would not have been possible with any other device on the market. The unique sampling method allowed us to get multi-parameter data on thousands of individual cells per assay well, with unprecedented sampling speed and no sacrifice in data quality.

Nathaniel Hathaway, Assistant Professor University of North Carolina

Patented air-gap-delimited sampling technology, sensitive flow-based analyzer, and intuitive ForeCyt® Software lie at the heart of the iQue Screener PLUS, a powerful, new cell profiling or screening experience.

Faster than traditional flow

The iQue Screener PLUS converts a tedious, time-consuming approach into a rapid, easy-to-use method which delivers 96 samples to the detectors in as little as five minutes. And with 7-decade detection windows, there is no need to adjust to the optics. Projects are finished faster so you can serve more customers and realize more revenue. Experiment scope and scale can increase—test more samples or a wider range of experimental conditions—expanding what your customers can learn.

Conserve reagents and precious samples

The proprietary sampling method takes as little as 1 µL from each well.  Smaller sample volumes also mean lower reagent usage. This translates into both a direct cost savings and the ability to conserve assay components that are difficult to obtain, such as hard-to-purify proteins or primary cell lines.

Flexible enough for a wide range of assays

The iQue Screener PLUS can help you meet the needs of a broad range of projects. It is an open system compatible with thousands of commercially available fluorescent dyes and antibodies for cell-based assays. Additionally, we have developed a portfolio of validated reagent kits under our MultiCyt® brand, including a bead-based product line (Qbeads® PlexScreen and DevScreen kits) for secreted proteins.  Analyze cells together with Qbeads for even richer content, greater context and faster time to insight.

Delivering a new kind of workflow

From assay design to report generation, we have simplified or eliminated many of the steps in running a suspension-cell assay. Cleaning and calibration are automated; MultiCyt Kits offer no wash protocols; gating and analysis templates can be saved in ForeCyt Software and are included in most MultiCyt Kits. Generate reports with a couple mouse clicks.

Built with flow core labs and CROs in mind

With a number of system maintenance tasks already automated and monitored, and the availability of ForeCyt Enterprise which provides remote access to data from multiple iQue Screener PLUS instruments to multiple users, Intellicyt simplifies life for service lab managers.

Accomplish more with the iQue Screener PLUS

  • Get more done with faster sample throughput, faster data acquisition, and smaller sample volumes.
  • Serve more customers in less time and generate more revenue.
  • Save on reagent costs and conserve limited cells.
  • Streamline your workflows with quick and easy data analysis and reporting.
  • Deliver more scale, more scope, and more assay types to your customers.
  • Say “yes” to your customers more often!

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