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The IntelliCyt Advantage – Chapter 1: What’s In It For Me?

March 15, 2016

The path to any new therapy is a difficult one.  A winding trail through often uncharted territory, filled with obstacles to climb over, bottlenecks that slow you down, and decision after decision about what path to take next.  You may recognize these by other names:

  • biological complexity
  • physiological relevance
  • resource constraints
  • lack of throughput
  • data overload

When assessing immunology is added to the mix, the limitations of traditional detection methods, reagent costs, lack of primary cells, and dealing with all the data become hurdles to progress.

But the journey is too important to just give up…and we don’t want you to!

IntelliCyt is addressing these challenges with the iQue® Screener platform for suspension cell and bead assays that has advantages if five key areas:

Speed, Miniaturization, Usability, Content, and Insight. “What’s in it for me?” you ask?

  • What if you could assess antibody binding, specificity, and species cross reactivity simultaneously?
  • What if you could measure multiple subpopulations of PBMCs and their cytokine profile in same wells?
  • What if you could process 384 well plates in <20 minutes while dramatically reducing reagent and cell use?
  • What if you could choose the wells of interest from an analysis and correlation of ALL the data in an instant?
  • Would you be in?

Over the coming weeks I am going to take you on a deeper dive into the various aspects of the five components the make up the IntelliCyt Advantage. The goal is to get you thinking about doing things you never thought possible and rethinking about experimental paths you abandoned (or never started) due to some constraint that we can remove.

Before I go I want to leave you with a couple of overarching thoughts to keep in mind:

  1. The iQue Screener is an integrated platform of instrumentation, software, and reagent kits…it is a combination of contributions from all of these areas that makes each advantage so powerful.
  2. Everyone has a different viewpoint about what is valuable so we will cover a range of scenarios and aspects of the advantages…there is something for everyone!

Joe Zock
Senior Director, Product Management, IntelliCyt Corporation


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“I feel the need…the need for speed!”  (Maverick from Top Gun)

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