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The IntelliCyt Advantage – Chapter 2: What Can Speed Do For You?

March 30, 2016

Time is Money!

Saving time across your workflow is the primary benefit of speed, the first IntelliCyt Advantage.  We acquire and analyze samples from microtiter plates faster than anyone in the industry.  Our unique, patented method of plate sampling (see graphic below) effectively eliminates the time it takes traditional flow cytometers to prime each sample individually. This can reduce sampling times from 3 to over 10 fold per plate!

Air gap

Plate Centric (Not Tube Centric) Analysis

An entire plate of data is collected and stored as a single FCS file eliminating the time it takes to create 96, 384, or 1536 individual well files. The data is analyzed as an entire plate, as soon as data is acquired, eliminating the time required to set up and “batch process” each sample well. Moving a gate recalculates the entire analysis on the fly, dramatically reducing assay optimization times. With plate level analytics and visualization built in, our ForeCyt Software reduces the need for time consuming exporting to third party software packages (which you need to learn) in order to get usable answers.

Less Steps, More Content

Our MultiCyt Reagent Kits have two important time saving features, no wash protocols and multiplexing.  By reducing plate manipulation steps while getting more biological reads from the same well, data variability is reduced and assay correlation is maximized, reducing the need for time consuming replicates and repeats.

Better Data, Better Decisions…Fast!

It turns out that everyone has a different interpretation of what the value of speed is.  We have scientists looking for both biologic (i.e. antibody) and small molecule activities against a variety of cellular targets by screening “libraries” of samples.  For them, all the above aspects of speed combine to provide the capacity to evaluate the library faster and pick the interesting “hits” to move forward with.

Many antibody screeners use multiplexing to dramatically reduce the overall time frames in their workflows while increasing the confidence in the data with specificity and species cross reactivity tests in the same wells.

Adoptive cell therapy scientists need to make informed decisions quickly. Using cell mediated cytotoxicity, immune cell function, and cytokine profiling to assess engineered immune cell activities must be high content, robust, and rapid.

Rethink Possible!

IntelliCyt is disrupting the notion that large scale assessment of immunology is difficult to impossible.

  • Cell phenotyping
  • Cell function
  • Cytokine profiling

I urge you to rethink where suspension cell and bead assays would apply if it was fast and easy to implement them. I know your competition certainly is!

Joe Zock
Senior Director, Product Management, IntelliCyt Corporation


Next Time:  Miniaturize well volumes to save money!

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