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Webinar: Applications of a rapid, high content, plate-based platform for functional and phenotypic screening of small molecules, SARs and cell-based therapeutics

November 08, 2016 : 8:00 am PST, Drug Discovery World

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Evaluating small molecules and biologics for their effect on single cells requires quantitative measurement of multiple biological readouts. The iQue Screener PLUS platform is optimized for high throughput and high content functional and phenotypic screening and profiling of single cells in suspension in a miniaturized assay format, thus conserving precious samples for further analysis.

This webinar will overview:

  • Data obtained from a small molecule and SAR screen run on the iQue Screener PLUS platform to study protein expression and phosphorylation and cytokine expression
  • Data obtained from a high throughput multiparametric assay using the iQue Screener PLUS platform to analyze the function of various CAR-T cell populations and evaluate their tumor-specific cytotoxicity


  • Mei Ding, Ph.D., Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Tamara Laskowski, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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