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Webinar: Improving Analysis of CAR T-Cell Function through High-Throughput Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometry

August 31, 2016 : 9:00 am PST WebEx

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The use of re-directed T-cells to target and eliminate tumor cells has gained significant momentum over the recent years. Assessing each modified T-cell population for critical processes such as activation, tumor specific cytotoxicity, and persistence is essential to understanding the effect of these potential therapies.

Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center have developed a high throughput multiparametric assay using the iQue Screener to analyze the function of various CAR-T cell populations and evaluate their tumor specific cytotoxicity

This webinar will highlight:

  • The ability of the iQue Screener platform to simultaneously analyze multiple end points such as cell viability, apoptosis and cytokine production allowing comprehensive analysis of cytotoxic function
  • The ability of the iQue Screener platform to rapidly screen various CAR-T cell populations against a tumor target at different time points using minimal sample volumes per well


Tamara J. Laskowski, PhD. , Post-Doctoral Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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