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Webinar: A Novel High Throughput Screening Platform for Identifying Optimal IgG Secreting Clones

June 08, 2017 : 8:00 am PST, WebEx

In cell line development, the identification and selection of optimal clones that secrete high levels of antibody into the culture supernatant is imperative.

Assessing IgG production on a per cell basis, in addition to cell density and total IgG production measurements, gives a much different picture as to which clones are the optimal producers.


  • Single assay/single platform—Cy-Clone PLUS correlates IgG titer, IgG titer per cell, IgG titer per viable cell, cell viability, and cell count.
  • Screen 3.5x more clones.
  • Quickly identify and rank the best clones.


Tom Duensing, Chief Technology Officer, IntelliCyt Corporation.

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