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IntelliCyt launches iQue Screener PLUS

May 09, 2015

Albuquerque, New Mexico – May 9, 2015 – Intellicyt, a leading developer of integrated solutions that accelerate drug discovery and life science research, today announced the launch of the iQue® Screener PLUS. The iQue Screener platform is an integrated instrument, software, and reagent system that enhances the screening workflow from sample preparation through results. It enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension in 96, 384, and 1536 well plates. Due to its patented sample delivery system, plates are processed rapidly (less than 5 minutes for 96 wells) and assays can be miniaturized to conserve precious sample and use less reagent per well. Software-assisted automation, analysis, and experiment-level visualization tools reveal deep insight into complex biology through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

The iQue Screener PLUS was created in response to our customers who have a growing need to explore the complex biology of the immune response . It offers all of the cost saving and productivity benefits delivered by the iQue Screener platform, plus more choice and flexibility. It adds a 405nm violet laser to the blue (488nm) and red (640nm) lasers and features 15 detection channels, including 13 fluorescence and 2 scatter detectors, which provide for richer content through higher order multiplexing. iQue Screener PLUS  offers more flexibility in assay design through the wide range of dyes and fluorochromes available for the violet laser, many of which provide superior performance in terms of lower spectral overlap, more brightness, better signal to noise, and broader applicability.

“Intellicyt’s technology has been successfully applied in antibody discovery, small molecule drug discovery, immune target screening and for combinatorial profiling in immuno-oncology and has been adopted by every top pharmaceutical company, many leading biotech companies and prestigious academic institutes. Based on this substantial and growing track record, we are expanding our offering to provide even more capability and flexibility to immunology screening laboratories,” said R. Terry Dunlay, CEO and Founder of Intellicyt. “We believe the launch of the new iQue Screener PLUS will accelerate immunology and immunotherapy discovery research and enable scientists to develop novel and effective treatments for cancer and other serious diseases.”

Underneath the sleek exterior of the iQue Screener PLUS are high performance technologies designed to make it fast and capable, yet easy and enjoyable to use. By combining a powerful flow cytometry detection engine, with a novel and patented sample introduction mechanism, Intellicyt has met throughput and content objectives in a way that no other suspension-cell-based screening platform can achieve.

ForeCyt® 5.0 Software is designed to bring out the best in the iQue Screener PLUS, through a fully integrated system in which everything works together seamlessly. ForeCyt Software offers “full workflow support” including powerful plate-based screening analysis tools, such as dose response curves, heat maps with hit identification, and high content well scanning with dynamic data linked visualizations. Scientists can assess the data on a per-cell, per-well, per-plate, and/or per-experiment level, quickly and reproducibly, with one-click ease. Insights develop easily from this deep understanding of the data, which leads to better-informed decision making.

Intellicyt’s MultiCyt® reagent line has been formulated as “no wash” mix and read assays which dramatically reduces the overhead of preparing plates, an important benefit for screening. MultiCyt cell health reagents monitor a variety of endpoints simultaneously including proliferation, membrane integrity, and apoptosis. MultiCyt Qbeads is a family of reagents that use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types enabling multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, and receptors or other analytes the user may need.

About Intellicyt

Intellicyt produces innovative tools that facilitate the study of cells, and the components of cells, to gain a better understanding of normal and disease processes. This information is used to revolutionize the discovery and development of new drugs and to provide new insight into the diagnosis of diseases. Intellicyt was the first to commercialize a true high throughput, cell-based screening platform optimized for suspension cells by meeting the three  major goals of screening: delivering (1) high content (2) fast, (3) with smaller sample sizes, resulting in lower cost per well. Additionally our software is designed to be easy to use and intuitive and to seamlessly integrate the instrument and reagent experience. All of this taken together means the Intellicyt platform delivers more insight into complex biology.  Intellicyt’s instrumentation, software, and reagent products are used worldwide throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and non-profit research labs.

To learn more about the iQue Screener PLUS, Intellicyt, or to request a quotation, please contact us at 505 345 9075 or email,, or visit the website at

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