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NEW Qsol Buffer Can Help Scientists Gain Insight From Challenging Samples

August 23, 2016

IntelliCyt is pleased to introduce the Qsol buffer.

Scientists need the most physiologically-relevant models to understand complex disease states. Sticky primary cells, highly concentrated samples, or large numbers of samples often create protein build-up that increases carryover and sampling abnormalities when profiling suspension cells for phenotype and function. The scientists at IntelliCyt developed Qsol buffer to enable robust and consistent sampling so that large experiments and screens can be performed effortlessly and complex scientific questions can be answered.

Qsol buffer delivers flexibility in sample selection by reducing carryover and protein buildup, better data resulting from a more robust/more consistent sampling, and faster time to results from a streamlined workflow.

Qsol buffer is available for use as an instrument buffer and as an assay diluent with the iQue Screener platform.

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