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For Bead-Based screening assays.

iQue® Qbeads is a family of reagents that enables capture of specific proteins on distinct bead types enabling multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factors receptors and more.
These kits have been developed and optimized for use on the iQue Screener platform to provide an integrated solution with unique benefits of fast time to results, microvolume-assays, high content, and lower cost. Qbeads kits are available in different sizes to suit your research needs.

iQue® Qbeads are available in two families:

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen: These are complete, custom-built ready-to-run kits that contain everything you need to run your assay. Each kit contains capture beads, detection reagent, standard proteins, buffers, and a template for analysis. We offer PlexScreen kits for human, mouse and rat secreted proteins. Learn More »

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen: These are capture beads that are built to help researchers analyze their unique or proprietary proteins of interest. There are two categories of DevScreen beads, with distinct surface chemistries. Learn More »

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen

The iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen family of reagents are custom built into complete ready-to-run kits. The kits consist of beads to capture human, mouse or rat secreted proteins, detection reagents, standard protein, buffers, and analysis templates. Each analyte has been validated in no-wash and 1-wash protocols.

View the complete list of human, mouse and rat secreted protein analytes that are available. Learn More »

Key Benefits

  • No wash protocol, just add and read for fast, easily automated workflow. See workflow diagram below.
  • Custom-built to your order; we maximize your flexibility!
  • Available for human, mouse, and rat secreted proteins including cytokines, chemokines, enzymes, and growth factors.
  • Analyze up to 30 analytes simultaneously, with no reduction in analysis speed.
  • Multiplex with other kits like the iQue® Cell Membrane Integrity Kits for richer content.

Qbeads No-Wash Screening Workflow

Build Your Custom iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen Kit

Use our Assay Builder

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen is a family of reagents that uses immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. We offer beads for human, mouse and rat secreted proteins. Below is a list of analytes that can be screened.

Assay Builder

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen: Human Secreted Proteins

Chemokine TNF Interleukin
CCL2 (MCP-1) sCD154
(sCD40 Ligand)
IL-1α IL-10
CCL3 (MIP-1α) CD178
(Fas Ligand)
IL-1Β IL-11
IL-2 IL-12 (IL-23p40)
(LT-α, TNFSF1)
IL-3 IL-12p70
CCL11 (Eotaxin) IL-4 IL-13
CD14 IL-5 IL-17A
CXCL10 (IP-10) IL-7 IL-21
IL-9 IFN-γ
Receptor Adhesion Molecule Growth Factor Enzyme
CD121a (IL-1 RI) CD54
Angiogenin Granzyme A
CD121b (IL-1 RII) CD62E
Basic FGF Granzyme B

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen: Mouse Secreted Proteins

Chemokine TNF Interleukin
CCL2 (MCP-1) TNF (TNFα) IL-1α IL-12/IL-23 (p40)
CCL3 (MIP-1α) IL-1Β IL-12p70
CCL4 (MIP-1β) IL-2 IL-13
CXCL9 (MIG) IL-5 IL-21
IL-6 IL-23 (p19/p40)
IL-9 IFN-γ
Growth Factor Adhesion Molecules
CSF2 (GM-CSF) CD62E (E-Selectin)
CSF3 (G-CSF) CD62L (L-Selectin)

iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen: Rat Secreted Proteins

Interleukin TNF
IL-1α TNF (TNFα)

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen

The iQue® Qbeads DevScreen family are bead-based kits that provide you more flexibility to make your own bead-based multiplex assays. There are two types of DevScreen kits classified based on their surface chemistries:

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen SAv: These are streptavidin coated beads that can be used to screen with biotinylated targets. There are 5 different SAv-coated bead populations and these can be multiplexed with any of the analytes from the PlexScreen panel and with the DevScreen SH panel.

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen SH: These are beads derivatized with sulfhydryl groups. These beads offer a very flexible chemistry that can covalently bind a wide variety of molecules. There are 30 sulfhydryl beads and these can be multiplexed with iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen as well as Qbeads DevScreen SAv reagents.

View the complete list of iQue® Qbeads SAv and SH kits. Learn More »

Key Benefits

  • Available with streptavidin or sulfhydryl surface chemistries for flexibility in coating beads with molecules of interest.
  • Plex up to 30 for higher content; fast analysis time is not effected by plex size.
  • Multiplex with other kits including iQue® Qbeads PlexScreen kits for richer content.

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen Workflow

Build your custom iQue® Qbeads Kit

Use our Assay Builder

The iQue® Qbeads DevScreen family of reagents are “make your own” products that provide more flexibility in your assay. There are two types of DevScreen reagents named based on their surface chemistries.

Assay Builder

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen: SAv (Streptavidin)

Catalog Number Description (1×384 wells)
90748 QSAv1
90752 QSAv2
90756 QSAv3
90760 QSAv4
90764 QSAv5
90776 QSAv2 & 4
90780 QSAv2, 3 & 4
90788 QSAv1, 2, 3 & 4
90792 QSAv1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

iQue® Qbeads DevScreen: SH (Sulfhydryl)

Catalog Number Description (50×384 wells)
90892 QSH01
90893 QSH02
90894 QSH03
90895 QSH04
90896 QSH05
90897 QSH06
90898 QSH07
90899 QSH08
90900 QSH09
90901 QSH10
90902 QSH11
90903 QSH12
90904 QSH13
90905 QSH14
90906 QSH15
90907 QSH16
90908 QSH17
90909 QSH18
90910 QSH19
90911 QSH20
90912 QSH21
90913 QSH22
90914 QSG23
90915 QSH24
90916 QSH25
90917 QSH26
90918 QSH27
90919 QSH28
90920 QSH29
90921 QSH30

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