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Cell Membrane Integrity Kits

January 05, 2016

Key Benefits

  • Different dye options gives you more ways to measure cell death.
  • No wash protocol, just add and read for fast, easily automated workflow.
  • Multiplex with other Intellicyt kits like Cell Cycle for richer content.

Kit Description

Each Cell Membrane Integrity Kit consists of a spectrally distinct proprietary dye that is taken up by cells with compromised membranes and excluded by healthy cells with intact membranes. The Cell Membrane Integrity Kits can be multiplexed with other Intellicyt reagents.


The Cell Membrane Integrity dyes are fluorescent molecules that are cell impermeant. Healthy cells with intact cell membranes will exclude the dyes. Unhealthy cells with compromised membranes will allow entry of the dye into the intracellular space. Upon entry to the cell, the dye localizes to the nucleus and binds to DNA by intercalation.

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