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iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding (V/Blue) Dye

December 04, 2019

Key Benefits

  • Ability to encode cell and measure cell proliferation using the violet laser.
  • Multiplex with other iQue® kits like iQue® Cell Membrane Integrity or iQue Qbeads® for richer content.
  • Dyes are safe and non-toxic to the cells.
  • Covalently attaches to intracellular proteins enabling its long-term retention.

Kit Description

iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding (V/Blue) (Tag-it VioletTM) Dye provides a straightforward workflow to simultaneously measures cell proliferation or multiple encoded cell populations. Enable labeling of many standard cell lines by using different intensities of a single fluorophore. Proliferated cells are distinguished from non-proliferated cells by decreased fluorescence intensity.


Proliferation Use: The principle of dye dilution. Cell proliferation is detected and quantified based on the halving or “dilution” of the loaded dye after each round of cellular division. Through subsequent cell divisions, daughter cells retain approximately half the fluorescent label of the parent cells.

Encoding Use: Multiple cell populations are stained with different intensities of dye, distinguish up to 4 cell populations (Bright, Mid, Dim and Unstained). Target cells are stained with different concentrations of V/Blue encoding dye in order to discriminate the different cell populations.

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iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding V/Blue (Tag-it VioletTM) Dye
Detection ChanneliQue® 3 VBRVL1
iQue® Screener Plus VBRVL1
Protocol• Prepare cells
• Stain cells
• Incubate
• Read on the iQue® platform VBR
Available SizesCatalog Number
5 X 384 wells97054
20 X 384 wells97055
50 X 384 wells97056

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