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iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit

May 13, 2020

Key Benefits

  • Speed: Sample to actionable data allows multiple assays to be run in one experiment thereby reducing the hands on time, required numbers of overall tests and conserving precious sample.
  • Results: Nine endpoints from a single well assay measuring activation markers (CD69 and CD25), cell membrane integrity, cell count, secreted pro-inflammatory cytokine IFNγ, and pro-apoptotic protease Granzyme B.
  • Biological insights: Generate functional data and analyze cell health from same cell by multiplexing cell phenotypes and function in a single well.
  • Ease of use: Single platform assay and data analysis with ForeCyt® eliminates the time required for acquiring and correlating data from multiple sources.
  • Flexibility: Choose additional cytokine measurements from a validated list of iQue® Human NK Cell Companion Kits.

Kit Description

The iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit was designed for ease of use in multiplexing cellular phenotypic and functional markers and bead-based, secreted cytokine measurements in the same assay. This one wash assay requires minimal hands on time and measures both cells and beads to provide the following biological insights:

  • Live immune cells are distinguished from dead cells by staining with fluorescent membrane integrity dye.
  • Target cells are distinguished from effector cells by staining with a fluorescent encoder dye.
  • NK cells are immunophenotyped by staining with a fluorescent antibody panel to separate CD3- CD56+ NK cells. The expression of the IgG Fc receptor III (CD16) on the NK cells can then be assessed.
  • The panel also includes 2 different NK cell functional activation markers, CD69 and CD25.
  • Optimized workflow enables the measurement of pro-inflammatory effector secreted cytokine IFNγ and pro-apoptotic serine protease Granzyme B in the same assay well.



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iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit
PlatformCompatible with iQue3/iQue Screener PLUS VBR configuration
Available SizesCatalog Numbers
1 x 96 well97082
5 x 96 wells97083
1 x 384 wells97084
5 x 384 wells97085


iQue® Human NK Cell Companion Kits

The iQue® Human NK Cell Companion Kits may be used in combination with the iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit to allow measurement of up to 6 additional human cytokines/effector proteins along with IFNγ and Granzyme B which are already included in the iQue® Human NK Cell Killing Kit.

iQue® Human NK Cell Companion Kits
Catalog No.Description
97089Human MIP 1α NK Cell Companion Kit
97090Human RANTES NK Cell Companion Kit
97091Human GM-CSF NK Cell Companion Kit
97092Human CD178/Fas Ligand NK Cell Companion Kit
97093Human Granzyme A NK Cell Companion Kit
97094Human TNFα NK Cell Companion Kit

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