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iQue® Human T Cell Exhaustion Kit

April 13, 2020

Key Benefits

  • Speed: Sample to actionable data by allowing multiple assays to be run in one assay thereby reducing the hands on time, numbers of overall tests and conserving precious sample.
  • Results: 11 endpoints from a single-well assay measuring T cell exhaustion phenotypes and function, as well as cytokine secretion in response to stimulation, cell viability, and an optional proliferation dye allows screening for molecules that reverse T cell exhaustion.
  • Biological insight: Generate functional data and analyze cell health from the same well by multiplexing cell and cytokine detection in one assay.
  • Simplicity: Single platform assay and data acquisition and analysis eliminates the time of acquiring and correlating data from multiple sources.

Kit Description

The iQue® Human T Cell Exhaustion Kit is designed for ease of use in multiplexing markers of T cell exhaustion, phenotyping T helper and T cytotoxic cells, and bead-based measurement of secreted cytokines, all in the same assay. This optimized assay offers these unique advantages:

  • Live immune cells are distinguished from dead or membrane compromised cells by staining with a fluorescent membrane integrity dye.
  • Cells are immunophenotyped by staining with a fluorescent antibody panel to distinguish CD3+ T cells, CD3- non-T cells, CD3+CD4+ helper T cells, and CD3+CD8+ cytotoxic T cells.
  • The panel also includes three markers of T cell exhaustion: PD-1, Tim-3, and Lag-3.
  • Optimized workflow enables the measurement of cytokines secreted by activated T cells (IFNγ and TNF) in the same assay well.
  • The capacity of the sample cells to proliferate can also be determined with an optional proliferation dye if desired (included with the kit).



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iQue® Human T Cell Exhaustion Kit
PlatformCompatible with iQue3/iQue Screener PLUS - VBR configuration
Available SizesCatalog Numbers
1 x 96 well97069
5 x 96 wells97070
1 x 384 wells97071
5 x 384 wells97072


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