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iQue® Cell Count and Viability Kit

February 20, 2021

Key Benefits

  • Increase accuracy and reproducibility: Ensure experimental reproducibility and accuracy to measure viability and absolute cell count.
  • Perform high-throughput analysis: Quantify cell viability and count in 96 or 384-well plates across a large linear range without the need for sample dilution.
  • Save precious samples: Small sample size (10 µL) assures that precious samples are conserved for more critical downstream assays.
  • Maximize productivity: Streamlined workflow with rapid, simple protocol, no washing, no cell dilution.

Kit Description

The iQue® Cell Count and Viability Kit is designed for reproducible quantitative analysis of cell count and viability to screen and profile cells.

This assay is optimized to run on the iQue® platform with BR and VBR configurations combining high throughput sampling and flow cytometry detection capabilities.

It provides fast analysis of absolute cell count and viability across a large linear range from a variety of suspension cell lines with a streamlined workflow from cell labeling to analysis.

The kit includes validated reagents and pre-set templates for gating strategy and analysis. Using customer- provided test cells, the kit identifies live cells and determines sample density in a no-wash assay.

This kit is designed for research purposes only.




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iQue® Cell Count and Viability Kit
PlatformCompatible with iQue® 3/iQue® Screener Plus - VBR and BR Configurations
Available SizesCatalog NumbersOrder Now
1 x 96 wellBA-97110iQue® Cell Count and Viability Kit
5 x 96 wellsBA-97111
1 x 384 wellsBA-97112
5 x 384 wellsBA-97113


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