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iQue® Cell Proliferation Dyes

January 05, 2016

Key Benefits

  • Two dye options gives you more ways to measure cell proliferation.
  • No wash protocol, just add and read for fast, easily automated workflow.
  • Multiplex with other iQue® kits like iQue Qbeads® PlexScreen kits for richer content.
  • Dyes are safe and non-toxic to you and the cells!

Kit Description

Each iQue® Cell Proliferation Dye consists of a spectrally distinct proprietary fluorescent dye that is cell permeable.
The iQue® Cell Proliferation Dyes can be multiplexed with other iQue® reagents.


The iQue® Cell Proliferation Dyes function on the principle of dye dilution. Cell proliferation is detected and quantified based on the halving or “dilution” of the loaded dye after each round of cellular division.

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