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Fraunhofer Institute Webinar: Evaluating the Binding of DNA-Based Synthetic Antibodies to Prostate Cancer Cells

Attaching multiple ligands on the surface of DNA nanostructures enables controllable enhancement of their effect on target acceptors.

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute used the binding of a dimeric ephrin receptor (EphA2) to explore the control of DNA-templated multivalence. PC3 cells expressing EphA2 were incubated with DNA trimers that carry different numbers of EphA2 binding peptides. Such studies establish the foundation into the fundamentals of multivalency found in therapeutics such as BITEs, DARTs, ImmTacs etc.

This webinar highlights:

  • The ability to rapidly evaluate the binding efficiency of multiple DNA constructs to target receptors using the iQue Screener platform
  • The ability to quickly identify constructs with higher binding efficiency through the generation of standard curves using ForeCyt® Software

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