ACES helps you to:
Get better data. Cost-effectively. Faster.

Our experienced team possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cell-based and bead-based assay applications for screening and profiling. We can coach you on getting the most out of your IntelliCyt products and optimize their use with your own biological model systems. We’ll work with you to define a project with you that meets your needs.

Access our highly skilled scientific team

  • shortens your learning curve
  • improves time-to-screening
  • provides peer-to-peer interaction and knowledge transfer

Customized milestone approach

  • reduces risk
  • develops assays tailored to your biology and throughput needs

Advanced education

  • increases confidence and expertise
  • improves productivity
  • become a company resource

ACES Core Capabilities

  • Miniaturize your assays to conserve precious cells and save on reagents.
  • Simplify assays to no-wash format to save time.
  • Multiplex to get more data from every well.
  • Develop custom reagents and assays for your critical projects.
  • Learn advanced concepts and approaches and become a power user.
  • And so much more….


“The IntelliCyt scientist really helped us in reducing and streamlined the assay development process. We had an optimized cell-based functional assay on another platform, and were able to adapt it to the iQue Screener with less downtime. Based on the increased throughput, we realized a significant impact in reducing the cost per well.”

— Mohanraj Dhanabal, EMD Serono Research & Development Institute


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