Service Contracts

Keeping your instrument covered (iQue® Screener, iQue® Screener PLUS, iQue® Screener HD, HTFC®, and HyperCyt®) under an IntelliCyt service contract is an important part of ensuring productivity, managing cost and avoiding downtime. An IntelliCyt service contract has these key benefits:

  • Full coverage for parts, labor, shipping and travel in event of repair.
  • The use of a loaner instrument while repairs are made
  • Major version software updates
  • Unlimited email and voice tech support

IntelliCyt Service contracts are offered in one, two and three year terms with discounts of longer plans. A multi-instrument discount is also available for our customers with multiple machines at a single site when they are all placed under contract together. To check the current coverage on your instrument or request a service contract quote, please email

The Loaner Program

A unique and essential part of an IntelliCyt service contract is our “Loaner” program. In many cases, instrument repair can be completed on site in a matter of hours. But in some situations, the flow cytometer engine of an IntelliCyt instrument needs to be send back to our depot repair facility for major service. In this case, if your instrument in under service contract, IntelliCyt will provide you with a loaner cytometer engine to use while yours is being repaired thereby almost eliminating downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

As a supplement to our service contract, IntelliCyt offers a preventative maintenance (PM) program. These are one-day on-site visits scheduled in advance at your convenience. Travel is included as well as the cost of any small parts that are replaced.   To schedule a PM visit that you have already purchased or to request a PM quote please email

Additional Training

IntelliCyt provides basic instrument training as part of all new installations. But sometimes more training is needed. Perhaps you have new members of your team that need to be trained. Or maybe you just want a refresher. In this case, you can have one of IntelliCyt’s highly skilled technicians/trainers come on-site to provide additional instrument operation and maintenance training. For more information on this program, please contact your regional sales representative or email

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