Evaluating therapeutic candidates for their efficacy requires tools that can perform rapid quantitative measurements of multiple biological readouts along with the ability to analyze large data sets and provide actionable insights. This on-demand webinar features the following expert presentations:

  1. In personalized medicine, assigning the correct therapeutic for each patient remains challenging, and current static biomarkers like cancer genome sequencing have provided limited insight. Functional markers that test a system’s ability to react to a perturbation, such as BH3 profiling, can provide additional valuable data to guide decisions. This talk by Jeremy Ryan of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute highlights how the Intellicyt® iQue Screener Plus facilitated rapid BH3 profiling using minimal sample thus saving precious primary tumor samples.
  2. In adoptive cell therapy, identification of T-cell subsets and assessing their ex vivo activation is key to developing a scalable process. This talk delivered by Dr. John O’Rourke from Intellicyt, A Sartorius company highlights a high throughput flow cytometry-based, multiplexed assay used to simultaneously measure T-cell activation and cytokine secretion in different T-cell subsets.

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